Dwayne Harris: Punt return TD set up perfectly

PHILADELPHIA -- It didn’t take Dwayne Harris long to start thinking about six points on the punt with the score tied a little more than a minute into the fourth quarter.

“When the ball left his foot,” Harris said.

Harris knew he had a chance to take Mat McBriar’s punt to the house as soon as he saw Orlando Scandrick block the gunner inside at the line of scrimmage. Sure enough, Harris went untouched on the 78-yard return up the left sideline, celebrating his first career touchdown with a salute as a Veteran’s Day tribute.

The only man who had a chance to stop Harris was McBriar, the former Cowboys’ Pro Bowl punter whose talents don’t include tackling. Special teams captain Danny McCray walled off McBriar, and Harris probably could have walked into the end zone at that point.

“All I had to do is run to the outside,” Harris said. “Everybody else was blocked. It was set up perfectly.”