Jerry Jones on Jimmy Johnson: 'I just wish him the best'

PHILADELPHIA -- Jerry Jones doesn’t want to get into a back and forth with Jimmy Johnson.

Jones declined to respond to Johnson’s critical comments this week that the Cowboys have a “country club atmosphere.” Nor does Jones want to continue debating about whether the owner/general manager or head coach deserves more credit for constructing the roster that won three Super Bowls in the 1990s.

“You know, I wish Jimmy the absolute best,” Jones said after Sunday’s win over the Eagles. “I really do. I want him to be well thought of -- I know he is -- by our fans and by all the people who are Cowboys fans. I’m not going to talk about his comments in any way, negative or anything like that.

“I just wish him the best. Genuinely wish him the very best.”

Jones did acknowledge that it was a difficult week for him due to all the criticism that came his way, from Johnson and many others in the media. Johnson, a FOX analyst, was among those who also speculated that coach Jason Garrett’s job is at stake the rest of the season.

While Jones admits the criticism bothers him, he doesn’t think that’s the case with Garrett.

“One of the things I expect him to always be able to do is really handle criticism,” Jones said. “I think he can handle rough talk. He can handle rough. We look at players sometimes and say, ‘That guy can handle hard talk. He can handle hard coaching.’ Well, I think Jason can handle hard times and come on out.

“I know he looks to the long haul. He should be looking to the long haul. He’s a young guy and has got a bright future ahead of him.”