Jerry Jones and Cowboys survive a hard week

PHILADELPHIA -- Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones said the week leading to the Philadelphia game was a hard week.

It started Sunday morning when the Cowboys were in Atlanta and news surfaced that New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton could become a free agent because the league didn't approve his contract extension.

Payton's potential departure led to speculation that Jones was ready to make a move, especially with the Cowboys in a two-game losing streak and at 3-5 overall.

Then former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson disputed Jones' comments that he made all the personnel moves during the 1990s.

Jones was at a speaking event in Dallas on Friday, where he received an award from North Texas, and wasn't made available to reporters. But Sunday afternoon, he finally addressed the Cowboys' difficult week.

"This has been a hard week for everybody, a real hard week," Jones said after the Cowboys' victory over the Eagles. "I think everybody kept their head down and kept going and we have something to feel good about. Maybe we’ve gotten out of here on the road and can do some good when we get back home."