Patience is best course for DeMarco Murray

IRVING, Texas -- As tempting as it might be, the Dallas Cowboys don't need to play DeMarco Murray on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns.

They might want to rest him on Thanksgiving against Washington as well, but with a 10-day break before they play Philadelphia at Cowboys Stadium, playing him on the holiday makes some sense.

But what people need to remember is that this was a significant injury. Murray came within a whisker of having his season end because of ligament damage to his foot. He was close to needing major surgery and prolonged rehabilitation.

Timetables for a return in the Jason Garrett administration are difficult to come by with the coach's preference to live in the moment, but generally these are 4-to-6 week injuries.

Sunday will be the fifth week since Murray got hurt. You can do the math on where he would be leading into the Redskins game.

The fact that Murray can miss four games and still be the Cowboys' leading rusher speaks to how tempting it must be for the Cowboys to get him back on the field.

Murray has 330 yards on 75 carries. Felix Jones has 278 yards on 74 carries.

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