Jerry Jones chats with Mike Holmgren

ARLINGTON, Texas -- ESPN's Ed Werder reported this morning that former Green Bay and Seattle coach Mike Holmgren would return to the sidelines only to coach the Dallas Cowboys if that job became available.

Werder's report says Holmgren believes the Cowboys have the talent to win a Super Bowl.

Before Sunday's game, Holmgren, the Cleveland Browns' president, had a chat with Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones. The two are long-time friends.

"We had a visit, that we always have, when he comes or when I come to where he is," Jones said. "We are good friends. We served for about seven to eight years on the competition committee together. We have a top friendship and we visited about all the things we normally visit about, and he’s, apart from being an outstanding coach, he’s a heck of a man. A lot of character, and I can’t tell you how much I respect him and when you're in close like that, spend a lot of time with somebody, familiarly can breed content as the old saying goes. It's just the opposite with him, every time I’ve ever been around him he’s gone up five."