Dwayne Harris blows off coaching on return

ARLINGTON, Texas -- If you’re going to ignore coaching, you better make a big play.

That’s exactly what Dwayne Harris did in overtime Sunday.

Harris’ 20-yard punt return that set up the game-winning field goal never should have happened. The Cowboys had a wall set up to the right side of the field, but Browns punter Reggie Hodges boomed a high 52-yarder that Harris fielded near the left sideline.

In that situation, Harris is coached to call a fair catch, which would have given the Cowboys the ball at their 32. He blew that off because he believed he could make something happen ... and he did by getting all the way across the field, picking up key blocks by James Hanna and Danny McCray in the process before turning upfield.

“You see an opportunity like that, you’ve got to take it,” said Harris, who had a 78-yard return for the go-ahead score last week in Philadelphia. “If I didn’t get a lot of yards, I probably would have got cussed out.”