Anthony Spencer takes over defensive signals

IRVING, Texas – With Sean Lee and Bruce Carter out for the year because of injuries, Anthony Spencer will take over as the defensive signal caller for the rest of the season.

Spencer handled the job in the fourth quarter of the Thanksgiving loss to Washington after Carter’s injury.

“It went pretty well,” Spencer said. “It was louder than I expected, but it went well.”

So defensive coordinator Rob Ryan can get loud? Who knew?

“Him in my head was louder than I expected,” Spencer said.

Spencer said he has never handled that role at any level before the Redskins game.

“I’d say it to myself after I heard it, so it’s just repeating it now,” Spencer said. “The only different thing is he’ll yell, ‘Watch this! Check this!,’ and other little stuff. You can communicate that within the time sometimes until it goes out.”

Does he wish Ryan would not talk so much?

“I can’t do that on the field,” Spencer said. “I just throw a thumbs up like, ‘I’ve got it. I’ve got it.’”