Should Jason Garrett be a walk-around head coach?

Jean-Jacques Taylor writes this morning that Jerry Jones needs to change his approach about having a head coach also call either the offensive or defensive signals.

Jones developed this theory after speaking to former Washington Redskins coach Joe Gibbs a few years ago when he was trying to hire a head coach.

Maybe Jones is changing his stance.

On Tuesday morning, Jones talked about the possibility of head coach Jason Garrett not calling the offensive plays. In the spring, after the Cowboys hired Bill Callahan to become offensive line coach/offensive coordinator, Garrett said he might give up play-calling duties one day.

But that day isn't now.

Jones said handling the day-to-day duties of a team and running the offense isn't too much for Garrett. It was interesting to hear what Jones said about hiring a walk-around coach one day.

"I don't want to rule out anything," Jones said on his Tuesday morning radio show on KRLD-FM. "Jason could easily be a walk-around coach. All you got to do is get him an offensive coordinator. You take away some of the pluses that go with being the coordinator and the head coach."

Jones later said, "He certainly has the capacity to handle a lot of things. I've heard all my life if you really want a job done right, pick the busiest person you can find to go do it. It's always worked that way. A small percentage of people do 85 percent of the work. Those are the kinds of things that I've heard. The facts are, you do know you can cover too much ground and you let details drop through the cracks when you cover a lot of ground. The advantages are also there. At this particular juncture, Jason doesn't have too much on his plate."