Tony Romo: 'It's what we do now that matters'

IRVING, Texas – At 5-6, the Cowboys are not in the best position to make the playoffs. But there is still a chance.

That’s what Tony Romo is hanging on to as the Cowboys prepare for Sunday’s game against Philadelphia.

"This time of year we’re in a position to where we have a chance,” Romo said. “That's something that not every team can say at this point. Obviously we would like to be in a better position, but I like the feeling that at least your team has a chance to do something special at the end of this season. It's going to take great effort and great commitment and everybody doing their job a little better than what we've done at this point. I think our team can do that, and we just need to start that off this week.”

The Cowboys are in third place in the NFC East, two games behind the New York Giants. Four teams -- Green Bay, Minnesota, Seattle and Tampa Bay -- have better records than the Cowboys in the wild-card chase. Dallas has the same record as Washington and New Orleans.

Romo is not looking at having to win five straight games to make the playoffs. But right now, the focus is all on the Eagles.

“I do know this game right now, we have a chance,” Romo said. “Leading up to this football game, knowing that, I know it’s not the record we want at this point. But I also know that we can change that from this point forward. It’s what we do now that matters. I’ve tried to instill that with the different guys. I think they understand that.”