Sean Lee will be on sideline Sunday night

IRVING, Texas – For the first time since undergoing season-ending toe surgery in October, Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee plans to be on the sideline Sunday against Philadelphia.

Lee has had to watch the last five games on television as he recovered from the surgery. He remains in a protective boot and on crutches but he can move well enough now so it will not be an issue.

“I will probably keep my composure better than I do at home, let me say that,” Lee said. “I struggle a little bit watching it on TV, but when you’re in front of the guys you kind of the keep your composure.”

So what’s he like at home?

“Screaming, like anybody,” Lee said. “You get frustrated and when you’re at home watching on TV you become a true fan because you’re rooting so hard and want the guys to do well … I’m more nervous watching a game at home than when I play because you want to see your teammates do great and you want to see us win.”