Dez Bryant 'just getting started'

ARLINGTON, Texas -- For all Jason Garrett's rhetoric about the importance of stocking the Dallas Cowboys roster with the "right kind of guys," his job security might rest in the hands of a guy with a reputation for being one of the NFL's biggest knuckleheads.

The Cowboys' playoff hopes -- alive but still slim after Sunday night's 38-33 win over the Philadelphia Eagles -- definitely rely heavily on Dez Bryant.

That's not necessarily a bad thing. At all.

Right now there isn't a better player on the roster. The reformed knucklehead receiver -- or the guy who has at least done a lot of growing up recently -- is one of the biggest reasons the Cowboys have any hope of surviving this regular season.

The Dez discussion is no longer dominated by unfulfilled potential. It's all about his Pro Bowl-caliber production now.

Look what the dude has done while the Cowboys won three of the last four games. His sick numbers in that span: 29 catches for 475 yards and six touchdowns.

The Cowboys, who have to win out to give themselves a really good chance of making the playoffs, desperately need Bryant to keep being that kind of beast. They're depending on consistent Dez dominance.

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