Replay was good to Jason Garrett

IRVING, Texas -- Jason Garrett is getting pretty good at using replay.

In what was perhaps the biggest decision in the Cowboys win Sunday against Philadelphia, Garrett helped the Cowboys get a first down by challenging a spot of a DeMarco Murray run.

Murray was ruled to have been stopped short on a fourth-and-inches carry in the third quarter, but once Garrett got a good look at a replay on center-hung digital board, he went with the challenge.

“I was pretty adamant about what I saw live but that really is irrelevant,” Garrett said. “What is relevant is there video evidence because we were going to have to change what the original spot was, and if you analyze the challenges spotting the ball in that kind of situation it’s not one that typically gets overturned. You not only need the look, but you need a landmark on the field and all of those things come into play and our guys upstairs do a great job upstairs of communicating with me and ultimately I’ve got to pull the trigger and throw the flag.

"And once we got that overhead view I thought it was pretty apparent the spot was much better than what they gave us initially and we thought we would get it overturned.”

The Cowboys got the call overturned and three plays later they scored the tying touchdown early in the fourth quarter. Had the play not been overturned, the Cowboys would have lost their second timeout of the half.

Garrett is now 4-0 on replay challenges on the season. He was 2-2 last year.

“I think there a lot of things that go into it,” Garrett said. “You’ve got to take the emotion out of it is first and foremost. It’s very easy to become emotional about those kinds of things and just throw the flag out there and it not be a real smart decision. We try to communicate as best we can and get as much information as best we can and try to talk it out as much as we can. The significance of the situation, there are a lot of times in a game you can challenge something, ‘OK, what does that give you? It gives you a 3-yard gain? What does it give you? It negates something that's fairly insignificant.’

"So you’ve got to make sure your using them at the right time because they're valuable.”