Showers in the forecast for Cowboys-Bengals

IRVING, Texas -- The Cowboys have played in just one game this season under wet conditions, in their own stadium. During the Washington Redskins game, with the roof open, there was a light drizzle in Cowboys Stadium.

It was nothing to worry about, however, but once the roof is open, NFL rules prohibit it from being closed and Cowboys officials did know about a possible rain shower that day.

Sunday's game between the Cowboys and Cincinnati Bengals has a 60 percent chance of scattered thunderstorms according to weather.com

If that's the case, it will be the first time this season the Cowboys play a game under such conditions. Will it affect the game? It's hard to say.

"You're always talking about ball security and certainly in the elements you got to make sure you lock that thing up," coach Jason Garrett said on Friday. "Anybody who is touching the football at any point, you got to make sure you secure it."