Moment of silence for Jerry Brown

CINCINNANTI – There will be a moment of silence before Sunday’s Cincinnati Bengals-Dallas Cowboys game on Sunday to honor practice squad player Jerry Brown who was killed in a car crash early Saturday morning according to Bengals officials.

Brown was a passenger in a car when his Cowboys teammate Josh Brent crashed his car in Irving, Texas. Police have charged Brent of intoxicated manslaughter after the car accident. If found guilty, Brent could face two to 20 years of prison time.

The Cowboys are expected to have a moment of silence in the locker room prior to the game as well.

“Jerry was a beautiful person I couldn’t say anything bad about Jerry at all,” said Cora Daniel, who is the grandmother of Brown’s fiancĂ©e Leslie Hernandez.

Daniel said her granddaughter met Brown at the University of Illinois where he went to college.

“He was the first guy she ever introduced to me and her grandfather to,” Daniel said. “So we knew he would be the guy she would marry. Leslie just didn’t bring guys around.”

Cowboys officials and players are left stunned by the passing of Brown, who didn’t play in any games but was praised by coach Jason Garrett in a speech to the team on Saturday night.

“I liked Jerry a lot,” inside linebacker Alex Albright said Saturday night. “Got to know him these past five weeks and he's a really quiet kid but after the first couple of weeks he really opened up and Coach (Garrett) pointed it out: he came to work every day, didn't complain, he never gave any guff. He was just always ready to work and I liked Jerry a lot and that's all I can say. It's just tough not having him here.”