Stephen Jones supports Jason Garrett's return for 2013

IRVING, Texas -- Speculation increased in the middle of the season about the job status of coach Jason Garrett. A report on ESPN revealed New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton had the possibility of getting out of his contract because the league hadn't approved it.

More speculation arose when reports surfaced former Seattle and Green Bay coach Mike Holmgren told friends he would take the Cowboys job if it became open and he was offered.

Well, forget about Garrett losing his job at Valley Ranch.

The 7-6 Cowboys are in the playoff hunt with three weeks remaining in the season. A tragic situation occurred when nose tackle Josh Brent was involved in a car crash resulting in the death of his teammate and close friend Jerry Brown.

Garrett directed the Cowboys to a dramatic victory over the Cincinnati Bengals and was praised for his work.

Wednesday night, Stephen Jones, the Cowboys executive vice president, was asked could he envision a scenario where Garrett might not return in 2013.

"No, I just think he’s done an outstanding job with this team," Jones said on KTCK-AM "There has been adversity in this season. He’s handled it well. He’s never complained, never blinked. I know our guys play hard for him. I don’t believe anybody has refuted that. No one wants to win more games than Jason. I know he’s disappointed that we haven’t won more games, but at the same time, we do have a winning record right now. We’re in the hunt."