Dez Bryant vows to play but Kevin Ogletree is ready

IRVING, Texas -- As he entered the Cowboys locker room on Thursday, wide receiver Dez Bryant was surrounded by reporters and while he didn't conduct an extensive interview he did make a vow: "Only thing y'all need to know is I'm playing."

But one player who will be ready regardless if Bryant is ready to play or not despite a fractured left index finger is No. 3 receiver Kevin Ogletree.

On the season, Ogletree has 28 catches for 390 yards with three touchdowns. He made a key 23-yard reception in the victory over the Cincinnati Bengals last week.

"You just got to be ready and stay ready," Ogletree said. "That's the best thing about football is getting that chance on Sundays to go make plays and help your team. Injuries do happen, things do happen throughout a season, throughout a game where opportunities come up and you got to be ready for those."

It's not like Ogletree just got here. He's been with the Cowboys since 2009 and while he hasn't produced the impact the Cowboys would want on a consistent basis, he's had some bright spots. More importantly, quarterback Tony Romo has a comfort level with him.

"Kev has made some big plays for us this season," tight end Jason Witten said. "Dwayne (Harris), I thought played well last week, Cole (Beasley) has came in and shown some ability. You don't replace a guy like Dez Bryant but guys come in and compliment and so, we're gonna have to move those chains with underneath stuff, not with just the big plays, this defense, they don't give up a lot of those big throws and they've been banged up in their secondary. With some young guys coming, it's going to be a chess match, it's going to be a challenge. Tony builds those younger receivers from training camp up to this point and he has a lot of trust in those guys. And we'll need them."