Has DeMarco Murray's return helped Jason Witten?

IRVING, Texas – In general, the Cowboys’ offense has benefitted from the return of running back DeMarco Murray. But has it specifically helped Jason Witten?

In the two games since Murray has returned from a sprained left foot, Witten has had his two highest yard-per-catch games of the season. Against Philadelphia he had six catches for 108 yards (18 yards per catch) and against Cincinnati he had four catches for 62 yards (15.5).

In the six games Murray missed, Witten did not average more than 9.3 yards per catch, with a low of 5.9.

“I don’t know if it’s a direct correlation of that,” coach Jason Garrett said. “Certainly when you have a runner and run the ball and the threat of running the ball better, I think that opens up opportunities for everybody. I think you can say there is a tenuous correlation between those two.”

With Murray in the lineup, Witten is averaging 11.5 yards per catch. On the season he is averaging 9.6 yards per reception.

“I just think we’ve been able to hit on the bigger plays down the middle,” Witten said. “With the protection we were so short on the underneath routes. These past couple of weeks we’ve been able to attack them and those plays are called that we attacked them with, so that’s helped more than anything.”