Give credit where credit is due: Jason Garrett

If you can't see the Dallas Cowboys' improvement from September, you're either not watching the games or you just don't like Jason Garrett as a coach, which is your right as a fan.

Garrett talks endlessly about a team comprised of the right kind of guys who handle adversity and play relentlessly. We get sick of hearing the same thing every day, so we roll our eyes, just like the players.

Say what you want, but the Cowboys have taken on their coach's personality and adopted his core beliefs about winning football.

Last year, the Cowboys blew five fourth-quarter leads, including three double-digit leads. This season, the Cowboys haven't blown any fourth-quarter leads.

More important, they've won five games in which they were tied or behind in the fourth quarter. Last week, Dallas trailed Cincinnati by nine with 6:45 left.

So no one panicked when Pittsburgh led 24-17 midway through the fourth quarter.

"Our football team has started to understand what it takes to win," Romo said. "…You look up and you win a game, you win another one, you win another one and your football team has that edge and kind of starts to think they can overcome some adverse situations throughout a football game."

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