Thousands of Steelers fans didn't bother Jerry Jones

ARLINGTON, Texas – Give Jerry Jones credit for being one heck of a gracious host.

Black-and-gold-clad Steelers fans invaded Jones’ beloved $1.2 billion football palace Sunday, but he was all smiles when asked about all the Terrible Towels waving in the Cowboys Stadium crowd.

Of course, the fact that the Cowboys pulled off a comeback win over Pittsburgh helped Jones’ mood.

“It doesn’t bother me,” Jones said regarding the presence of thousands of Pittsburgh fans. “It’s really one of the impressive things about the NFL. We get an opportunity to play on the road in front of many thousands of Cowboys’ fans. I think we had 95,000 people and about 15,000 of them towel-waving Pittsburgh fans here today.”

Wait, only 15,000 Steelers fans? If Jones really believes that, someone needs to pass his son-in-law a Terrible Towel to clean the Cowboys owner’s glasses.

The stadium and parking lots had a bowl-game sort of feel to them Sunday afternoon. The crowd might not have been an even split, but it wasn’t too far from it. The Steelers fans were loud enough to help cause a false start by Cowboys left tackle Tyron Smith, after which Pittsburgh defenders urged their portion of the crowd to keep waving towels and making noise.

The back-and-forth between Cowboys and Steelers fans created quite a buzz. There’s no doubt that the atmosphere at JerryWorld was electrifying Sunday.

“It was great to have the whole trappings of the day and have our stadium,” Jones said. “It’s great to be in the NFL. It certainly is when you can come out and beat a good Steeler team.”