Jason Garrett shocked about overturned call

IRVING, Texas -- Cowboys coach Jason Garrett isn't one to criticize the officials, but he made note of a play in the first quarter of Sunday's overtime victory over Pittsburgh.

Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders fumbled after taking two hits. Alex Albright recovered what the officials ruled a fumble. But the play went under review and it was overturned.

"I was shocked," Garrett said of the reversal of the call. "IF it was ruled the other way, I would say OK, there wasn’t enough evidence to overturn it to make it a turnover. But it was ruled a turnover on the field and then we thought the evidence was overwhelming. Then he goes under the hood and then he overturns it. I couldn’t believe it. I don’t know how you guys saw it but that is how I saw it."

After Sanders made the catch, he took two steps before Gerald Sensabaugh hit him first, then Eric Frampton's jolt knocked the ball loose.

"I thought there were three steps on the (field) and a football move," Garrett said.