Jason Hatcher: Who are these guys?

IRVING, Texas – Since the regular season started, the Cowboys have made 58 roster moves. Twenty of them have come in the first 19 days of December.

On Wednesday they officially welcomed defensive linemen Ike Igbinosun to the practice squad.

Jason Hatcher, a Cowboy since 2006, looks around the locker room and is not sure who’s who anymore.

“Those guys man like I said I don’t know half of them but they’re playing their butt off right now,” Hatcher said. “I’m learning their names, but they doing a great job coming off the street doing what they do.”

The defense has seen the addition of Brady Poppinga, Sterling Moore, Michael Coe and Brian Schaefering since Nov. 26 and all four have made contributions.

“I learned I think Coe’s name today,” Hatcher said. “That’s probably one. Sterling No. 30, I learned his name today. There’s a few more I’ve got to learn by they’ve been balling.”

Wait, Moore has been here three weeks and you’re just learning his name?

“Really?” Hatcher said. “Shoot, I didn’t know that one. I feel bad. My bad, Sterling.”