Reliant video screens will top Dallas

Everything is bigger in Texas, right?

We heard that a lot when Jerry World opening in Dallas, and the biggest Jumbotron imaginable hung over the field.

Now Houston’s going to top Dallas.

The necessary approval’s been granted for an update of the video boards in Reliant Stadium. Currently video boards are part of end zone-wide panels that include a bunch of advertising. In the new setup, that entire space will be video board. The two combined will amount to 29,098 feet of display surface.

Cowboys Stadium center-hung board has a total of 23,040 feet of display surface.

The Titans installed new video boards in their end zone that debuted this season. They total 24,000 square feet.

Prices have gone down for such large-scale HD and teams are trying to enhance the stadium experience to keep people coming.

The Texans are also hoping to enhance their bid for a Super Bowl in 2017.