Dez Bryant: 'I'm more confident than ever'

IRVING, Texas – The snippet of the sideline conversation caught by the television camera spoke volumes about Dez Bryant’s blossoming relationship with Tony Romo.

It happened on the Cowboys bench after Romo threw a deep ball to Bryant’s back shoulder for a touchdown during the third quarter of last week’s win over the Steelers.

“Nice job of going back to get it,” Romo said, a moment aired on the NBC Sports Network’s “Turning Point” show. “That’s all me trusting you.”

Of course, you didn’t need to eavesdrop on the conversation to see the chemistry that has developed between Bryant and Romo.

That was the eighth time Romo and Bryant connected for a score in the last six weeks, the most touchdown catches by any NFL player during that span. Bryant’s 584 receiving yards during the Cowboys’ 5-1 run ranks behind only Detroit’s Calvin Johnson, Houston’s Andre Johnson and Chicago’s Brandon Marshall over the last month and a half.

“Each and every week, it boosts my confidence just to know that Tony believes in me,” Bryant said. “I feel like I’m still working on it more, for Tony to trust me. I’m going to just keep doing what he wants me to do. I’m going to keep paying attention. I’m going to keep focused and see where it goes.”

Bryant, who has put himself in the Pro Bowl conversation and helped the Cowboys get back in the playoff hunt, says he’s “more confident than ever.”

That doesn’t mean Bryant is close to being satisfied. He’s excited about how much better he can get.

There’s a direct correlation between Bryant’s increasing confidence and Romo’s growing trust in his No. 1 receiver.

“It just makes me feel like, hey, I can do whatever,” said Bryant, who realizes that he builds trust with Romo on the practice field and in the meeting room and reaps the benefits during games. “That’s always a good feeling. When you’ve got that, you don’t want to mess that up.”