Two Cowboys subject to fines for missing practice

IRVING, Texas – Cowboys linebacker Brady Poppinga and defensive lineman Robert Callaway were not at Wednesday’s practice because the Christmas snowstorm cancelled flights into Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Tuesday night.

“I accept any responsibility,” Poppinga said. “Stand by your actions, right?”

Players were off on Monday and Tuesday after the overtime loss to New Orleans on Sunday and were to report to Valley Ranch early Wednesday morning. Poppinga said he contacted team officials Tuesday to let them know what was happening. Callaway was not available for comment on Wednesday.

Per rules in the collective bargaining agreement, players are subject to a fine of slightly less than $10,000 for missing a mandatory practice.

Poppinga was unaware Wednesday’s practice was at Cowboys Stadium after flying in Wednesday morning from Los Angeles.

“I just landed and got here as fast as I could,” said Poppinga. “I got myself a nice workout in. If I knew they were at the stadium, I would’ve headed over there.”

On the practice report, Poppinga and Callaway are listed as having missed the workout for non-injury reasons.