Cowboys will have missing players back in rematch

IRVING, Texas -- When the Cowboys face the Redskins in the rematch on Sunday night in Landover, Md., some offensive players who missed the first game, will return.

In the first meeting on Thanksgiving Day, center Ryan Cook and running back DeMarco Murray missed the game. Derrick Dockery moved to right guard and Mackenzy Bernadeau went to center. Felix Jones was the starting running back in place of Murray.

"I think it's great that everybody is back," offensive line coach Bill Callahan said. "We were just talking about that earlier, the last time we played we had some guys that were out and we got them back, again."

How things will go on Sunday is uncertain, but it's clear the Cowboys are playing better when Murray starts (5-4 this season) and the offensive line has some chemistry.

"We had more stability and more continuity and a common threat was communication," Callahan said. "And anytime you have great communication and continuity it goes well for your offense to function and you can execute better and you can play off one another better and you can anticipate things a whole lot better. Having them back is a plus."

Callahan said it's uncertain to determine how much of an impact Murray will have in the game, not because of lack of confidence in the starting running back, but the Redskins provide different fronts nearly every game.

"You just don't know," he said. "All these games are different. Every time you get in one of these games you sit there as a staff and say, 'OK we're going to run 30 times.' We only ran it 11 times last week you know so you want to be balance and you strive to do something to create balance and create more opportunities and some of those plans get pushed out of the way when you have to adapt after the first quarter and you may take advantage of certain things."