This game about more than just Tony Romo

IRVING, Texas -- Tony Romo's legacy is not at stake Sunday night against the Washington Redskins at FedEx Field.

It's silly to even talk about it because Romo's career has years left. Only when it ends can we put Romo's career in a box and put a bow on it.

Say what you want, but Sunday's game is about more than Romo just like it is every other week. We know he must play well for the Dallas Cowboys to win, but if the defense and special teams play poorly, it won't matter.


Since 2009, Romo has played against 19 upper-echelon quarterbacks, from Eli Manning to Matt Ryan to Robert Griffin III.

He has had a better passer rating than the opposing quarterback 13 times, yet the Cowboys have won only four of those games.

See, it's bigger than Romo.

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