GM Jerry Jones can't believe Cowboys are close

IRVING, Texas – In the locker room after Sunday’s loss at Washington and on Monday at Valley Ranch, the Cowboys were asked if they felt if they were close to being a playoff team or better going forward, and the answers were not a surprise.

They all said yes, but what would you expect them to say?

Jason Witten, however, offered the most perspective when he said, “It does feel close, but at some point you’ve got to win these games because it’s a close league. It comes down to one or two plays a game that change a season.”

And Witten is right. That’s how close it is. That’s the design of the NFL we know today. Parity is king.

As the Cowboys go forward in 2013, however, one guy can’t view the Cowboys as close. That’s Jerry Jones, the general manager.

Jerry Jones, the owner, can believe that if he wants because that’s how you can sell this team.

But Jerry the GM needs to improve this team not with supplemental pieces with moves here or there, but with foundational pieces.

The Cowboys can’t go into free agency believing one player will change the overall dynamic. The Cowboys can’t afford to trade up for a player and give up picks. Not with them having one player possibly remaining from the 2007-09 drafts (Orlando Scandrick) in 2013. Not with depth such an issue. Not with so many needs.

Yes, the Cowboys can believe they are close because that’s the design of the NFL. But the goal isn’t just to be close.