Acting fast will help Cowboys' staff search

IRVING, Texas -- With only two head coaching vacancies filled, the Cowboys are in position to pick who they want to be their next defensive coordinator -- or offensive coordinator, if they go that route -- so acting quickly is a must.

Andy Reid has been hired in Kansas City, and Doug Marrone was named the coach in Buffalo.

Philadelphia, San Diego, Arizona, Jacksonville and Cleveland are still searching for head coaches.

The Cowboys are looking for a defensive coordinator and running backs coach, and there is little doubt there will be more changes over the next few days.

Putting staffs together in the NFL is almost like a game of musical chairs. You don’t want to be the last one left to fill a job because the assistants you really want could be gone.

But let’s play the role of a prospective assistant coach for a moment. Let’s say you have a possible choice to join the Cowboys now or have a good feeling you will be able to join a staff with a new head coach.

I understand there is a prestige in joining the Cowboys, but Jason Garrett will be under a win-or-else shadow in 2013. A new coach in a new city will have at least a little more stability.

What job would you take?