Jerry Jones is ignoring the real issue

The more things change at Valley Ranch, the more they stay the same.

Jerry Jones sure has followed through on his vow to make folks out there uncomfortable. Running backs coach Skip Peete and defensive coordinator Rob Ryan already have been kicked to the curb -- or beach, in Ryan's case. Ryan's guys have been told to go ahead and interview for other gigs in case whoever is hired as defensive coordinator doesn't want to keep them. The offensive assistants can't feel too secure, either, with Jerry on a postseason power trip.

Head coach Jason Garrett, who might or might not still have a say on who makes up his staff, might get his play-calling duties revoked. His opinion doesn't seem to carry much weight in the matter, at least not as much as what Jerry hears from his good-ol'-boy advisory committee of outsiders. The process of turning a man with a spine into a Jerry puppet apparently takes two seasons without a playoff bid.

Garrett will definitely head into his third training camp "in charge" -- and quotes are necessary there now -- with the hottest seat in the NFL.

Too bad someone can't turn up the heat in the general manager's office.

The fact that Jerry Jones won't even consider stepping down as general manager makes him the NFL's biggest hypocrite.

Dadgummit, Jerry ain't standing for a couple of 8-8 seasons! Time for some drastic changes! Almost everything is on the table!

Well, except for the one constant from the Cowboys' 128-128 stretch.

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