Monte Kiffin moves on from college

The Dallas Cowboys' new defensive coordinator, Monte Kiffin, is the Godfather of the Tampa 2 defensive scheme.

In college he wasn't considered that.

Kiffin's last three seasons at USC didn't go so well, especially his final one. USC finished 7-6 overall and lost five of its last six games. But Kiffin's defense allowed 39 points to Arizona and 62 to Oregon.

Overall, the unit finished 40th in the nation in scoring defense, allowing 24.3 points per game. One more thing: The unit finished 60th in total defense at 394.0 yards per game.

Did the game pass Kiffin by?

"I just think the wear and tear of college," said former Tampa Bay linebacker Derrick Brooks, who played for Kiffin at Tampa. "He's a football junkie. You spend 20 hours a week on football. (The downward spiral) started to show on the defensive performance in USC. It takes a level of time in this defense to get good. It's simple but a lot of reps."