Is any playcaller a good playcaller in Dallas?

With Norv Turner apparently off to Cleveland, the Dallas Cowboys will not be getting the No. 1 offensive coordinator on the market this offseason. Whether they wanted him or not, whether he'd have been a good fit in Dallas or not, these things are irrelevant. He's not coming. The question remains now whether the Cowboys need to take playcalling duties away from head coach Jason Garrett and give them to someone else, and it's only natural to consider as a candidate Bill Callahan, who currently holds the official title of offensive coordinator (and offensive line coach) but does not call the plays. Todd Archer considers Callahan as a candidate:

What did Callahan do so well in 2012 for the Cowboys that he deserves to get a promotion and call the plays in 2013?

Wasn’t the offensive line the weakest part of the team? Wasn’t the lack of a running game a killer? And wasn’t Callahan the guy responsible for the running game?


Let’s say Callahan becomes the playcaller, do the Cowboys have to find another offensive line coach? If not, can an O-line coach and coordinator handle all he has to handle between series and work the adjustments with the line? Several people at Valley Ranch believe Wes Phillips, the assistant line coach, has a bright future. Is he ready for more responsibility?

Maybe naming Callahan the new play caller works out in 2013, but it doesn’t answer many immediate questions. In fact, it might just lead to more.

I'm with Todd here, folks. Of course, I'm not necessarily in the camp that believes taking playcalling duties away from Garrett is among the Cowboys' biggest offseason needs. But assuming they're looking into that, I think Todd's points about Callahan as a candidate are well taken. He should probably do the job for which he was hired -- fixing the offensive line -- before he gets a promotion.