Should the Cowboys find an option quarterback?

Cowboys starting quarterback Tony Romo is a drop-back passer with excellent mobility and vision. While he's not a quarterback you can line up in the pistol formation, Romo is a quarterback that can elude pressure and has good enough speed to get up field.

But the sudden rash of option-type quarterbacks could be the future of the NFL.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was on 540 ESPN on Tuesday and said he sees athletic quarterbacks, option ones, as the future.

"The athletic quarterback, I don't think, is going to pass at all," Rodgers said. "You have seen the trend with more and more guys who can make plays when the pocket breaks down, who can extend plays, who are also good passers. You will continue to see that."

Given Romo's age -- he turns 33 in April -- maybe it's time the Cowboys look at one of those option quarterbacks that's been blazing the NFL these days in the upcoming draft. Of course, if you draft one, changing the offense will become vital to the success of that type of quarterback.

"We have seen that the last few years especially -- the year Robert Griffin had this year, his mobility," Rodgers added. "Russell Wilson is an athletic guy. Andrew Luck, as well, is an underrated athlete. You are going to see more and more of the top picks being big-time athletes as well, like (Colin) Kaepernick is."

However, ESPN's John Clayton believes drop-back passers will be in vogue again. It's something he writes about in his latest mailbag.