Jimmy Robinson not seen at Senior Bowl

MOBILE, Ala. -- Dallas Cowboys wide receivers coach Jimmy Robinson hasn't been seen during Senior Bowl practices. Most of the coaches have watched the practices here, including head coach Jason Garrett, who cut out early from Tuesday morning's practice to interview candidates for assistant coaching positions.

Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones said Robinson is still on the staff but hinted at a possible change within the structure of the offense, which could lead to changes in duties. It appears Garrett won't be calling the plays in 2013, though Jones said no final decision has been made. The most experienced playcaller on the staff outside of Garrett is offensive line coach Bill Callahan.

"I don't want to address him or that situation," Jones said regarding Robinson. "I don't think that what we're doing is the reason that we may be doing things different with Jimmy. It has more to do with Jimmy and his career and where he is in that career at this time. Jimmy Robinson is one of the finest receivers coaches and brings a lot to the table regarding ideas. If he's not involved it's not because of his skills, it's more because of his own personal interest."