Cowboys need to cut ties with Jay Ratliff

MOBILE, Ala. -- What more can the NFL do? What is it going to take to get through to some of these men?

Not even the death of a teammate could stop Dallas Cowboys nose tackle Jay Ratliff from allegedly driving while intoxicated.

There was Ratliff, wearing a white t-shirt, sporting a puffy face and a sad look while posing for a mugshot in a Grapevine, Texas police station early Tuesday morning. He was charged with DWI after crashing his 2011 Ford F150 into an 18-wheeler at 12:36 a.m. No one was injured.

The look on Ratliff's face is different from the scowl he displays in the Cowboys locker room on a regular basis when reporters walk in. I'm sure it's a different look than the one he had when he was arguing with Jerry Jones late in the 2012 season. (I know that look from personal experience.)

What was Ratliff thinking? If he didn't learn from Josh Brent crashing his car and killing his teammate/best friend Jerry Brown on Dec. 8, he'll never get it.

Maybe he only real way to prevent, slow down or stop NFL players from driving drunk is to cut them when they do it.

It's time to send Ratliff home. If he gets a second chance, it should be somewhere else.

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