Cowboys free agents: Kenyon Coleman

The move to a 4-3 defense could spell the end of Kenyon Coleman's days in Dallas. AP Photo/Paul Abell

Kenyon Coleman

Position: Defensive end

Type: Unrestricted

Summary: Coleman played in only seven games in 2012 because of injuries. He suffered a torn triceps on Nov. 11 at Philadelphia that required season-ending surgery. He finished with 22 tackles, two quarterback pressures and one forced fumble. Before getting hurt, he was playing his best football, and the run defense suffered in his absence.

Why keep him: He fits in with Jason Garrett's desire to have the "right kind of guy" in the locker room. He is selfless and will do what the coaches ask of him.

Why let him go: The move to the 4-3 hurts Coleman's chances of returning, even on a one-year deal at the veteran minimum. He is a 3-4 defensive end with the ability to hold up blockers, but he is not a penetrating type of lineman.

Best guess: The Cowboys need to upgrade their defensive line with their move to the 4-3 and need to get younger and more athletic up front. Coleman could return as a fall-back option, but the chances of that happening should be slim.

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