Cowboys free agents: Felix Jones

Felix Jones never quite panned out after being drafted as a first-rounder. Tim Heitman/US Presswire

Felix Jones

Position: Running back

Type: Unrestricted

Summary: For only the second time in his five seasons, Jones was able to play a full season. But he was banged up throughout the season. Jones started seven times after DeMarco Murray suffered a sprained foot, but he never had more than 100 yards rushing in a game. He finished the year with 402 yards rushing and three touchdowns on 111 carries. He also caught 25 passes for 262 yards and caught two touchdowns. With a chance to change perceptions in a contract year, Jones came up short.

Why keep him: The Cowboys need a backup running back behind Murray and one with the ability to start, considering Murray's health issues. Jones would be cost efficient, as well. He knows the offense and has familiarity with the coaches.

Why let him go: Jones is a reminder of just how wrong the Cowboys were in 2008 when they drafted him in the first round over backs such as Ray Rice and Matt Forte. He has a difficult time staying healthy and he is just not an instinctive runner.

Best guess: It's time to move on. Jones played hard and played hurt, but he just did not play well enough. Teams should be able to find running backs anywhere, and there is no need to bring back a first-rounder that failed to live up to expectations.

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