Larry Allen should be on fast track to Hall of Fame

Larry Allen is the best offensive lineman to ever play for the Dallas Cowboys.

Please don't turn that into a slight against Rayfield Wright, the former tackle who's already in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, because it's certainly not intended to be one.

It's no different than saying Michael Irvin is the best receiver to ever play for the Cowboys. Or Roger Staubach is the best quarterback to ever play for the Cowboys.

We all know Bob Hayes was a great player, a man who literally changed the game and is worthy of his bronze bust. And we certainly all know Troy Aikman was among the best to ever play and that his stats would've been much gaudier if he hadn't spent much of his career handing the ball to Emmitt Smith.

Wright, as agile a lineman as the game has ever seen, earned every accolade he HAs received, including a long-overdue invitation to join the best of the best.

Somehow, it took more than 20 years after his career ended for Wright to join the small fraternity of players in the Hall of Fame.

It shouldn't take Allen that long.

You have every right to be shocked if Allen's name doesn't get announced Saturday for induction into the Hall of Fame.

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