Jason Garrett talks about tweaks to the offense

In an interview on dallascowboys.com, Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett talked about possible changes, "tweaks" to the offense.

Garrett said in the last six seasons, the Cowboys have the fourth best passing offense (370.7 yards per game) in the NFL. New Orleans is No. 1 with 404.4 yards per game. Garrett also mentioned scoring (seventh at 24.1), passing (fourth in yards 25,153 yards) and running (22nd at 108.6 yards per game) as statistics worth looking at over the last six seasons.

"A lot of this stuff is pretty good," Garrett said.

However, changes are expected in 2013 with offensive line coach Bill Callahan taking over the playcalling duties, though Jerry Jones said no decision is final. The Cowboys will have three new offensive coaches in 2013.

With the personnel, the Cowboys will need to replace backup running back Felix Jones (free agency) and quite possibly some offensive linemen given the struggles of the unit.

"This is an opportunity to add some people and add some influence to our offense," Garrett said. "And hopefully it's a tweak for us that can help us get a little bit better and help us break through as a football team. So that's really the approach right now we want to stay on the same track but also we want to add coaches to our staff that can really help us break through."

You can read into what Garrett says when he talks about "add some influence" to the offensive unit by saying Callahan will take over the playcalling or at least have more of a hand in what goes on with the game plan.

The 2013 season is a big year for Garrett, regardless of whoever takes over the playcalling duties.