Who will call plays? No answer yet

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones talked about several things during a seven-minute interview with reporters Tuesday. But Jones wouldn't get into who the team's play-caller will be in 2013.

It's assumed coach Jason Garrett will give up the duties to offensive line coach/offensive coordinator Bill Callahan.

"We haven't. At some point, Jason will address that," Jones said regarding an announcement.

Monday was the first day the entire coaching staff held meetings about the current roster. With the hiring of assistant coaches finalized, whenever Garrett is available to meet with the media to talk about his new staff, he will most likely be asked about who will call plays.

Jerry Jones has said that if a change is made regarding the play-caller, it will be Garrett's decision, not his. That's an interesting statement considering Garrett said after the regular season that he expected the status quo in regards to the play-calling duties.

Of course, things can change.