Do yourself a favor: Stop expecting Jerry Jones to change

IRVING, Texas -- Jerry Jones sells panties. He raps in pizza commercials.

Once, about a decade ago, Jerry told me he owned 76 different companies. Surely that number has increased over the years.

Oh, and he's also the general manager of the Dallas Cowboys, a once-proud organization that has languished in mediocrity for nearly 20 years with its 128-128 record since 1997.

The Cowboys have missed the playoffs four of the past five seasons and have not posted consecutive 10-win seasons since the 1995 and 1996 seasons.

Any other GM would've been fired by now. Since Jerry owns the team, he has a lifetime contract.

Jerry is among the NFL's worst general managers because marketing and making money trumps winning. Understand, Jerry would vehemently disagree.

No need to argue. His actions tell the tale.

As other teams move training camp to their practice facilities, why do you think the Cowboys keeping heading to Oxnard, Calif., or San Antonio?

Jerry's top priority is building the Cowboys brand and earning as many millions as he can stuff in his coffers.

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