Age just a number to Monte Kiffin

IRVING, Texas – When the Cowboys named Monte Kiffin their defensive coordinator, many people noted his age. He turns 73 next month.

Kiffin even made light of his age when he saw it scroll across the ESPN ticker.

“I thought it was my jersey number by the end of the day, good golly,” Kiffin said.

In his full-fledged introduction Thursday, Kiffin was energetic, commanding and funny.

“I got the same question when I was 68 years old at the University of Tennessee,” Kiffin said “The very same thing. A young lady in the back said, ‘I checked your bio. It said you are 68 years old. Now, can you communicate with these young kids?’ I said, 'With all due respect, mam, all due respect, sir, let me tell you what, I’m 72 going on 52. There are some people 72 going on 82. Don’t worry about me communicating, OK?' That’s what I told her, and I will tell you the same thing.”

Getting the Cowboys up to speed on the move to the 4-3 from the 3-4 will be a challenge, but Kiffin believes the defense has pieces in place to make a quick transition.

“This isn’t like three-year plan right here,” Kiffin said. “I think we didn’t have that wherever we went. I don’t care where you coach at. All I can tell you (is) there are no guarantees. I just tell you right now these guys are going to get coaching.”