Dez Bryant's growth now on Derek Dooley

IRVING, Texas – Jimmy Robinson came to the Cowboys with the assistant head coach title in 2011. Two years later he is now a senior coaching consultant.

What does it mean? Who knows?

Robinson was not at Tuesday's unveiling of the assistant coaches so we weren’t able to ask him. On Wednesday, Jason Garrett did not elaborate.

“He should be around the building and trying to help us in any way he can," Garrett said. "He’s a guy that I’ve known for a long time, and I have a great deal of respect for his knowledge and his input as we go forward.”

Robinson turned 60 in January and has been an NFL assistant coach since 1990. There is a grind on assistant coaches, especially those coaching wide receivers. Robinson helped develop Dez Bryant over the last two seasons, and Bryant had a breakout 2012 season with 92 catches and 13 touchdowns.

“Jimmy has had a really positive impact on Dez,” Garrett said. “It was a breakout year for Dez. He caught 92 balls for 1,300-plus yards and really played very, very good football. I think he matured a ton and there’s no question the environment he was in certainly helped him, and Jimmy was a big part of that.”

But he’s not being kept around to have the same influence on Bryant, especially if Garrett is saying Robinson “should be around the building” during the year. Calvin Hill is a consultant with the team, but he’s not running the player development program and isn't around every day.

The growth of Bryant will now fall to Derek Dooley, the new receiver’s coach, as Robinson moves into a new role.