Will changes affect Dez Bryant?

All of the hubbub over who will end up calling offensive plays for the Dallas Cowboys this year has obscured the idea that whoever it is would do very well to call as many plays as possible for Dez Bryant. In his third season in the league, Bryant emerged as a star wideout, an unstoppable physical force in opposing secondaries and a deliverer of fantasy football titles the world over. So it's at least worth mentioning that he's going to have a new position coach. Per Todd Archer:

“Jimmy [Robinson] has had a really positive impact on Dez,” Jason Garrett said. “It was a breakout year for Dez. He caught 92 balls for 1,300-plus yards and really played very, very good football. I think he matured a ton and there’s no question the environment he was in certainly helped him and Jimmy was a big part of that.”

But he’s not been kept around to have the same influence on Bryant, especially if Garrett is saying Robinson, “should be around the building,” during the year. Calvin Hill is a consultant with the team, but he’s not running the player develop program and not around every day.

The growth of Bryant will now fall to Derek Dooley, the new receivers coach, as Robinson moves into a new role.

If Bryant struggles, I imagine this will be brought up again in-season. Personally, I think Bryant as a player is going to be fine, and probably a superstar. And I think a new voice in the meeting room isn't going to hurt him but could maybe even help, as different perspectives often do. Bryant's issues always have been away from the field and the team complex. And if he's got those under control, whether it's with the help of those much-ballyhooed rules he and the team put in place last year or for any other reason, there's nothing that happens on the field that's going to stop Bryant from continuing to blossom.