Different views on play calling in KC, SD

INDIANAPOLIS – As Jason Garrett continues to weigh who will call plays for the Cowboys in 2013, two head coaches offered different views as to how they will get the job done.

Andy Reid will call plays in Kansas City after allowing Marty Mornhinweg to run the offense in Philadelphia the last six-plus seasons. The Eagles won their final six games in 2006 with Mornhinweg calling plays.

“It was hard (to give up),” Reid said. “I enjoyed doing that, but I was lucky enough to have Marty, who’s a phenomenal playcaller, but I wanted to get back in and do that … I’m getting older and it gives me an opportunity to do it before time passes.”

Mike McCoy, San Diego’s rookie head coach, will have Ken Whisenhunt call plays. Whisenhunt called plays at different times in his head coaching career in Arizona. McCoy was Denver’s playcaller in 2011-12 with Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning taking the Broncos to the playoffs.

“I’ll still be heavily involved in what we’re doing," McCoy said, "but in my position as head coach I wanted to overlook the entire team on gameday.”

Last week Garrett danced around the play-calling subject but intimated that the team was working toward having Bill Callahan call plays. Garrett said the final decision will be his, but that there is no rush to get it done.

The Cowboys have added Frank Pollack as their assistant offensive line coach, which is seen as a way to allow Callahan, who carried the offensive coordinator title in 2012, to coach the whole offense.