Jason Garrett hopeful for Tony Romo deal

INDIANAPOLIS – Count Jason Garrett among those hoping the Cowboys can get a deal done with quarterback Tony Romo before free agency opens so the team can shop for players.

Romo is entering the final year of his contract and is set to make $11.5 million and count $16.8 million against the cap in 2013. There have no substantive discussions with Romo’s representatives for a new deal, and they have yet to meet at the NFL scouting combine.

The Cowboys are roughly $20 million over the cap and will have to make a number of moves before March 12 to get under the proposed $122 million limit.

“There’s math involved in this deal,” Garrett said. “Everyone has to get under the cap and a number of teams are making these types of decisions, so we do have an opportunity to restructure Tony’s contract and we believe very strongly in Tony Romo as our quarterback. So we need to make sure we get that business done to help our football team be as good as it could be. We do have to address some things with personnel and freeing up some of that money will allow us to do that.”

Romo turns 33 in April, but the team does not view Romo as a typical 33-year-old quarterback because he did not play his first three seasons.

“He’s been a starter for six years and he has a lot of football in front of him,” Garrett said. “I think if you watch him play you see a guy who can move, a guy who the ball really jumps out of his hand -- very spontaneous as a player, so you see no signs of him getting old as a player. We feel good about him for a long time to come, but the way we work around here is we focus on today, this year. We’re much more short-term thinking on what our attention is.”