Cowboys will be more than Tampa 2

On looking at how the corners will be used: The great misnomer about Tampa 2 defenses, and it’s something as an offensive coordinator we talked about Wednesday morning when you’re getting ready to play a so-called Tampa 2 team, they play a lot more single-high defense than they do Tampa 2. And that’s been that way for a long, long time. But what those guys want to do is get you in those passing situations by defending the run and then letting those guys rush up front and play coverage behind them. That’s been their history for a long, long time. Anybody who has ever played in a Tampa 2 style defense also has to play a single-high style of defense. And certainly some of the things Seattle has done from a front standpoint, playing some of their eight-man fronts and some of their pressures, are similar to what Monte has done in the past. I think what they’ve tried to do is fit their scheme to what their personnel is. And we’ll certainly try to do the same thing.