Flacco Effect on Tony Romo talks

INDIANAPOLIS – With talks between the Cowboys and Tony Romo considered anything but substantive so far, there appears to be the Joe Flacco Effect happening.

Baltimore started talks with the Super Bowl MVP during the NFL scouting combine and want to reach a deal before the ability to place the franchise tag on Flacco expires on March 4.

“You could say everybody is waiting for the next contract to be the market setter,” owner and general manager Jerry Jones said. “That is fair to say, but everybody also realizes that every team has got the same kind of deadlines and same kinds of issues regarding room. Some more, some less. But the big paid quarterbacks always create team cap issues, so are they waiting to see what one does because that helps their number?”

Jones said the Cowboys would not need to have a deal done with Romo to get under the salary cap by March 12, but they would need to have one in place to have the ability to shop in free agency.