Jason Hatcher is an undervalued player

The fellas at Pro Football Focus released their annual Performance Based Value list for the 2012 season.

Defensive end Jason Hatcher topped the list as the most undervalued player on the Cowboys team for 2012.

Here's what PFF said in part:

Someone who just looks at sacks for defensive linemen wouldn’t notice it, as he had five in both 2011 and 2012, but he more than doubled his amount of hurries from 14 to 29, and did the same with his run stops from 11 to 24.

Also making the list was Sean Lee, DeMarco Murray, Anthony Spencer, Nate Livings and Tony Romo among others.

However, the player who led the overvalued list was nose tackle Jay Ratliff.

He had such a difficult season with his injuries allowing him to play in just six games but PFF had this to say about him:

Ratliff gets a little bit of a pass since he played in only six games, but not a full one. While he did just fine pass rushing with six hits and eight hurries, he was having more problems getting blocked in the run game than in previous years. He had 10 stops, but in four of his six games he was held to one or zero.

Here's the complete Cowboys list.