Cowboys weekend mailbag: Sign Michael Turner?

The weekend is here and with that we got our weekly, weekend mailbag.

Have fun.

Q: Will Dallas go after Michael Turner? He can be a big help if Dallas got him. Michael (Maine)

A: The NFL is a young man's game and I don't think signing a 31-year old running back with 1,639 career rushing attempts is a smart move. Now Turner is a physical back the Cowboys haven't had since the days of Marion Barber. They've have elusive backs such as Felix Jones and DeMarco Murray in recent years. Murray runs better between the tackles than Jones but he's not as physical as Turner. But I believe Turner wouldn't be a good fit with Dallas because of his age and Murray can run with a physical style that's needed from time-to-time. If the Cowboys add a running back, it should come in the draft.

Q: Calvin, huge Cowboys fan and always keeping up with new information and my question is what do you think of the Cowboys taking Tyler Bray out of Tennessee in the third or fourth round? All the scouts have said he has one of the strongest arms in the draft. He just needs to work on consistency and that would be perfect since we do not need him to come in and start and now we have Derek Dooley on the coaching staff. Cody Harris (Wichita, Kansas).

A: In Bray's last season at Tennessee he threw for a career-high 34 touchdowns and was impressive at times. Mel Kiper, ESPN's draft expert, doesn't rank Bray among his Top 5 quarterbacks in his position rankings. It doesn't mean Bray isn't very good. This quarterback class is very weak, so selecting Bray in the third or fourth rounds wouldn't be a bad idea. However, if quarterbacks such as Mike Glennon, Tyler Wilson and maybe Ryan Nassib fall out of the first two rounds, that means, Bray could be a fifth or sixth round pick. Is he a steal if this happens? I'm not against drafting a quarterback, especially if that means the youngster can sit and learn for about two years while the Cowboys maximize Tony Romo's prime years.

Q: We can't afford Anthony Spencer, furthermore do you think he can excel in a 4-3? I think we have to draft a true 4-3 guy, maybe offensive line (Jonathan Cooper) in first round and defensive end in second round (Margus Hunt). What do you think? Toneye Brown (Balm Bay, Fla.)

A: I don't believe Anthony Spencer will play for the Cowboys this season. It appears doubtful the team will franchise him. Spencer can play outside linebacker in the 3-4 and defensive end in the 4-3. I think his skill set is better suited in a 3-4 defense, I think New Orleans would be a nice fit for Spencer, reunite him with Rob Ryan. Cooper is moving up the draft boards so he'll probably be unavailable at No. 18. Hunt is an interesting prospect. He was impressive at the Senior Bowl practices and at the Scouting Combine. Hunt could be a third or round pick. Not sure if drafting him in the second round is worth it at this stage.