NFL owners meetings primer

PHOENIX -- The NFL owners spring meetings start this week. Here's a preview of some of the topics likely to be discussed:

Garrett talks: The NFC coaches' breakfast is Wednesday morning and Cowboys coach Jason Garrett will speak with reporters then. A major topic of discussion that wasn't answered a few weeks ago is who will call the offensive plays. Garrett has tried to downplay the issue with reporters, but it will come up again Wednesday. Garrett or offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Bill Callahan will call the plays in 2013.

Romo's status: The Cowboys have $16.8 million devoted to quarterback Tony Romo, and it's hampered their ability to make moves in free agency. At some point, the Cowboys have to make a decision on Romo to either extend him or leave his contract as is and let him play out the year. General manager Jerry Jones will speak with the beat writers at some point during the meetings to tell us his thoughts on Romo's deal. Does Romo get a three-to-five year deal? How much money do you pay him?

Rules changes: There are numerous rule changes up for debate this week. Changing when NFL teams have to make their final cuts is one of those issues. NFL teams that open the season on a Thursday night in Week 1 felt handcuff by having to make roster decisions earlier than most teams. There is a proposal that would make all NFL teams make their final cuts earlier, regardless of when they open the season. The Cowboys voiced their concern about this last season when they opened the year at the New York Giants.

Where is the money?: The Cowboys have had some of the largest payrolls in the NFL, and it might happen again this season. However, the Cowboys haven't done anything in free agency because they are just $175,000 under the salary cap. To make any moves, the team must make cuts or restructure contracts or lower Romo's cap number with a new deal. Jones has been a spectator during the free-agency period and you have to wonder if being out of the game, so to speak, is bothering him.